Extension Tube EF12 Discussion

EF12 on 24-70 zoom
EF12 on 24-70 zoom lens

EF12 on 16-35 zoom

TheExtension Tube is a really fun and inexpensive accessory topurchase.  It extends give or extends your lenses ability to takeMacros.  Depending on the focal length of the lens you attach itto, and the distance between the object and the lens you will getdifferent magnification factors.

The  photos above arethree examples of macro photos taken with the EF12,  The two smallflower photos are actually the same type of flower.  The image onthe left was shot with the EF12 attached to the 24-70mm zoom. This gave an approximate 1:1 image.  The 24-70 actually has closefocus (macro) capabilities on it's own and the EF12 was probably notnecessary in this situation, but it is always fun to use, just in caseyou want further magnification.

The orange flower is anexample of this.  This was also taken with the EF12 attached tothe 24-70mm zoom, but this time I was much closer to the flower and itproduced a 1:2 magnification of this flower.  In actuality theorange flower was about half the size as it appears in the photo above.

The small flower photo on theright is the same type of flower as  the one on left.  Thistime I used the EF12 in conjunction with the 16-24mm zoom.  Thisallowed me to get much closer to the flower and get a much greatermagnification as well.  This image is a 1:4 magnification of theflowers actual size.

You can also use the EF12 withthe 70-200mm zoom, but this gets quite cumbersome since that lens ispretty large and heavy.  Also, you don't get much magnification,so I have found no reason to use this combination.

If you enjoy macrophotography, I highly recommend adding an extender to youraccessories.  You can get other extenders that give you evengreater magnification.  All the extender actually does is increasethe space between your lens and the camera body.  It is actuallyjust a spacer.  It contains no glass.  The larger the space,the greater the magnification.  These accessories only run around$70.  I think they are the best value for the fun you get out ofthem.

I must add that all of myimages have gone through Photoshop.  Icrop, sharpen, employ noise reduction techniques, adjust contrast,saturation, and sometimes tone on most of my photos.  Out of thecamera the images don't look as good, but in my opinion this is thegreat benefit of the digital world.  I believe that you shouldtake all of your favorite images and mess with them in Photoshop. But remember, in photography your photos will only be as good as yourweakest piece of equipment.  If I was shooting with a lessercamera and with inexpensive lenses I would not have been able toachieve the quality of photos shown above, even with the help ofPhotoshop.

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Photos by Rob Bukar