Howie's 50th Birthday Party

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Dad and HowieMom and BettyBob, Estelle, Nadia, RobHowie, Harry, BettyDad and NickyBetty and IreneSimon, June, HowieMom and JulieHowie's BD PartyHowie's BD Party
Dad and Howie
Mom and Betty
Bob, Estelle, Nadia, Rob
Howie, Harry, Betty
Dad and Nicky
Betty and Eileen
Simon, June, Howie
Mom and Julie
Howie's BD Party
Howie's BD Party
Howie and the cakeDad making speechMom and NadiaNickie and IreneHowie, Rob, and NeilDebbie, Julie, and HowieNeil and HarryRob and Nadia  
Howie and the cake
Dad making speech
Mom and Nadia
Nickie and Eileen
Howie, Rob, and Neil
Debbie, Julie, and Howie
Neil and Harry
Rob and Nadia

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