(Digital)  Photography Resources

Below are Links tosome great (Digital)Photography web sites.

Digital Photography Review Best web site for Digital Camera Reviews.  Most comprehensive and in depth reviews around.  They also review some lenses.  If you want to buy a digital camera you would be smart to read the reviews here.

Robgalbraith.com Rob Galbraith Online  Another good review site.  This site has the most comprehensive CF card database with speed performance tested for individual cameras.  CF Card Database
Luminous Landscapes The Luminous Landscape  This is a a comprehensive site that contains a wealth of information. It includes Product Reviews, Software Reviews, Tutorials, and an Understanding Series that explains various photographic theories.  I highly recommend visiting this site if you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of digital or film photography.
Digital Camera Resoucrce page Digital Camera Resource Page Under the reviews and info pull down menu this site has the most up to date and best camera feature search section in my opinion. If you know what features you want in a camera, come to this site and plug them into the feature search section. This site is usually one of the first sites to post reviews on new cameras. The reviews are well done and easy to get through.
Steve's Digicams Steve's Digicams  Excellent web site for Digital Camera Reviews.  Reviews are less comprehensive, but shorter and easier to get through.  Other peripherals are also reviewed here including printers.
fredmiranda.com  Some great articles here comparing canon lenses.  Also Fred has some very inexpensive Photoshop Plugins and Actions. His actions for sharpening and reducing noise in your photos are two that I have purchases and often use.  He also has a great gallery of shots from his members.
Imaging-Resource  Another good review site.  They also have a Best Digital Camera section that is separated into various categories.  If you are having trouble selecting which digital camera is best for you.  I recommend checking out this site for some help.
Photo.net Photo.net  is the largest general photography community on the web. This site is a great resources for individuals interested in learning about photography. There is a terrific gallery section where you can view photos and get ideas, or upload your own photos for free and ask for feedback.
admedia AdMedia is a site with information on the history of digital photography and provide resources with information on techniques and editing, as well as tips and tutorials.
Photography Resources for Kids and Teens Photography Resources for Kids and Teens is a site with links to information on the history photography, tips and techniques, type of cameras, photography definitions, and fun photography projects. This site was recommended to me by Carrie of Ms. Ward's class. I always appreciate new recommendations for useful photography resources.